How to MOVE file from the Desktop to a folder?

It's simple. I want drag and MOVE files from my desktop to a folder.
No matter what key I hold, it will only copy them.
I think this even worked on Raspberry PI OS?

They COPY just fine. I end up with the files where I want them, and STILL on my Desktop.

CTRL, Shift, Alt... just dragging them. It all does the same WRONG thing.

What am I missing?

What kind of Files are causing the Problem (eg:- .txt) :question:

You can generally copy them by ctrl + c and cut them with ctrl + x after selecting them. Dragging them also works on zorin.


Try selecting the file(s), releasing the mousethen hold shift and drag the selected files over.... it should move. If you press shift while selecting it will copy.


Thanks. I'll give it a try.

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