[HOW TO] Perform do-release-upgrade or Direct Upgrade on Zorin OS

Zorin Group company has announced that they are working on a Direct Upgrade path (the do-release-upgrade command) for a major Zorin OS release to the next major release. These are not 'point-releases' but are moving for example, from Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16.

Currently, this is In Development. The process is not yet ready and has not been released nor announced by ZorinGroup.

Zorin OS operates with its own packages and its own repositories and performing steps to attempt to perform a Direct Upgrade prior to the infrastructure and release by Zorin Group will result in

Breaking your System.

This is an often asked about and much hoped for feature. Considering the ZorinGroups attention to detail, security and stability we can all only ask you to remain patient.
Please Do Not attempt to perform a Release Upgrade on Zorin OS until such time as the ZorinGroup Officially announces its availability.
We may not be able to help you to restore your system if it breaks here on the forum.
And you may lose valuable data, time and a non-achy head.


I wonder if will be possible to direct upgradefrom 15 to 16 pro if one has bought it. That would be neat, but might be difficult in practice I imagine.

The ZorinGroup is working on a Direct Upgrade option that will be available to all Zorin OS users, pro and regular alike.
Just remember that as of this date, 28 Aug 2021, it has not been released.

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