How to print on Brother DCP-L2550DW?

I tried everything (...I think...) but still cannot print on my Brother DCP-L2550DW
usb or wifi :-(((((

......while I can print using my Samsung phone on Wifi.... grin grin grin

Hello and Welcome @Pierre,
Did you try following this guide?

Thank you

I got it all till

If you are asked for your “DeviceURI”, you can find that by opening the Zorin Menu → Settings → Printers → “Additional Printer Settings…”, then right-click your printer and select Properties. In the resulting window, you’ll be able to find your Device URI.

I was unable to select properties and find the Device URI.....

so ..I said "NO" .... and it seems to work

I'm testing now :slight_smile:
Thank you


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Sorry but does anyone know how to delete the current print job?
I need to stop a 100 page print and I have selected to delete it but it just keeps on printing?

I would power off the printer and save on expensive toner...

Cancel, pause or release a print job.

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