[HOW TO] Refresh Zorin OS Desktop without logging out

For those of us that like to tweak things and customize, sometimes we must reload the desktop in order to see the changes. Logging out and in or even rebooting can make that tedious.

On Zorin OS Core (Gnome):
Tap alt+F2 and enter into the prompt: r and hit the enter key. That will refresh Gnome-Shell / Desktop

On Zorin OS Lite:
Tap ctrl+alt+esc and then left-click and open area of the desktop. The effect is immediate and the desktop is refreshed.

On Zorin OS using Cinnamon (For those of us who installed it):
Same as Core:
alt+F2 and r and enter key.

Happy customizing.


Great tip I use it all the time and sure saves me a lot of waiting while Zorin refreshes itself .....


happy to know that good info, but it's refreshing pc like logout and restarting? I mean refresh pc with killing intensive process,I noticed it only kill and refresh the app which i left click on it, not all app

Interesting it works for me but then I'm using Cinnamon DE as my desktop .... I sometimes have trouble with my right click menu disappearing and my screen will lock up .... by hitting ALT + F2 and then type r in the box that opens and hit ENTER my screen will blink and my right click menu returns .....

It also works for me when I install a new program instead of hitting restart or shut-down to get the newly installed program to work ...... but like I said this is for Cinnamon desktop running Zorin 16 Pro while you are on Zorin OS Lite .....

Hope you can find a solution to your problem ....

Are you left clicking an open area of the desktop, instead?

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when i do that on the desktop, i don't notice any change, but when i do that on panel, i get restart for the panel , but all opening apps still open not closing, when i do that on certain app, it is closing

As pointed out, the refresh is immediate.
It works, but it refreshes the Desktop - it does not restart all your open applications.
If you want to restart all open apps, you must restart the session.
This can be done with log out / in or with computer restart.

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