How to remove Graphical Login

I am running xfce and wanted to make my OS boot faster, I have tried a lot of tricks But, after reading one article which said,

#4: Use a text-based login instead of a graphical login Most of my Linux machines boot to run level 3 instead of run level 5. This will halt at the text-based login, where I only have to log in and issue startx to start my desktop of choice. The graphical logins do two things: increase load times and create headaches trying to recover from an X windows fubar.

How do I remove Graphical Login from Zorin OS Lite.

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The Link @swarfendor437 mentioned will provide a command line login, But it will not make your boot faster. The boot will be directly to tty and after entering password you will type sudo init 5 for GUI interface. But then Zorin will load the GUI login interface and ask for password again, bringing you back where you started :joy:


I guess So, I faced the same problem you mentioned. It made the boot even longer, I guess there is no way to do that in Zorin OS. I was thinking of asking to removing the zorin gui logo at the boot but there is no way I suppose that Zorin will give a Command Line Feeling.

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