How to remove Manjaro Xfce OS and install Zorin OS?

So, I get laptop which have Manjaro Xfce pre-installed. I decided to install Zorin OS cause I use it for few months on my previous laptop. I installed Zorin Core iso image and boot it on my usb with rufus. Then I tried to install it on my laptop and it doesn’t work. What I need to do? (Sorry for my bad english).

Please check #1 & #2 here: USB boot install

I’ve done all 6 and nothing again. It’s only turn manjaro like normal. Is there any solution?

Check your BIOS. Either that or Manjaro is preventing a Zorin installation. You may want to ask on a Manjaro forum.

I don’t typically change boot order when installing a new OS. I just repeatedly press F12 (or whatever the proper key is to select boot options) and select “USB Device” or whatever.

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I was asked them. They said me to ask you😅

God bless you! U save me! I have Zorin now. Thank you so much.


Your Welcome!
Glad I could help!

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This was a boot order question? Ok, I thought that the installation wasn’t starting once booting with the USB. Regardless, it is resolved.