How to save changes of my PC in ISO file?

Hey I have installed zorin os on my 7 years old laptop It’s work Fine
But I need to switch my laptop.I want to sell my old laptop
I want to make identical iso of my old laptop.
I shift to KDE environment and deleted Gnome
I shift to Brave browser and deleted Firefox
I deleted all games and installed oh my giraffe and xonotics
I make lots of changes in KDE environment ,Wallpaper,Docks,Icons,Themes
I don’t want photos or cache
I want to make a bootable pendrive of my changes that I can put on any computer and use like my old pc looks and Desktop environment
Please help me
In other word you can say that I make my own os now I need to make a iso file

Hi @HitenBhadra, welcome to the forum!

In this kind of use case, I would recommend you to clone the Zorin OS partition from your old computer using Clonezilla:

This tool makes it easy to create a clone image of your old drive so you can transfer and restore the data to a new drive exactly as-is. However, please note that you won’t be able to create a bootable USB drive from the Clonezilla clone image.

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Hey Zorin thankyou,But I want to make iso
I have a question
How you make changes on ubuntu lts 18.04 and make its ISO and named it Zorin OS like that I want to make some changes on Zorin OS and make it my own OS based on KDE and Zorin OS
Please help.I want to make more beautiful Zorin OS(its is already beutiful but not like I want)
Thank You for your response This is the fastest reponse from a forum.
#ilovezorinos #thanks

Just to let you know I have not tried this but have been looking for a solution since some prevoius software that could do this no longer works with newer systems:

Test it before deleting anything! :wink:

I use TImeshift its awesome I can recover my pc even I delete OS

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Good for going back in time, but won’t create an iso.