How to skip Grub Menu?

This menu is every time I start my computer. I haven't used dual boot. I have no windows installed in my PC right now. But it is showing a Windows option. Were is dev/sda1? How to clear it?

I highly recommend that you do not.
Yes, there is a way.
But, if you use that way, then if something goes wrong, necessitating accessing the Recovery Menu, you may have great difficulty doing so, or be unable to altogether. This can ultimately lead to an inability to access your system and data loss.

It's a few seconds wait. Nothing to be ashamed of.


Ok, I understand. Thank you. Buy why there is a Windows option is still showing?

That is an entry in the Bootloader and you can remove that. Removing it may just maybe cause the grub menu to not appear as such, though it can and will if you tap esc or tab - which as mentioned above, is essential.

If Windows is Not Installed, you can remove the bootloader entry with:


You should see an entry for Windows like

Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager

Note the four digit number. You need only the last digit of that four digit number.
Replace 0 in the following example with that last digit:

efibootmgr -b 0 -B

Let's say you see Boot0001* Windows Boot Manager, then you would use efibootmgr -b 1 -B OR if you see Boot0003* Windows Boot Manager, then you would use efibootmgr -b 3 -B

Does it anything to do with if I ever wanted to return to using windows?

So, if I remove the bootloader entry, and the grub menu stop showing, I can still access the grub menu by tapping ESC or Tab in the startup, right?

If Windows is not installed and you have overwritten that space with another OS, then that bootloader entry is superfluous and leftover.
If you want to return to or dual boot Windows, installing Windows will write a new bootloader entry.

Yes. If the Grub Menu does not show up, then tapping the appropriate key will bring it up.
NOTE: This will not change your Boot Time. If your aim was to decrease your boot time, this will not change that.
You can speed things up with Preload, that operates automatically and is not a Launchable app:

sudo apt install preload

It says

EFI variables are not supported on this system.

Ah, you must have installed as Legacy (MBR or Master Boot Record).

I am not sure how to remove the record from MBR, actually... Let me look into it.

Ok, try

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Arrow key to the bottom of the file and add this line:


ctrl+x, then y, then enter...
Now run

sudo update-grub

reboot and test...


It worked. Thanks.

But the startup gets more delayed. Can Preload be resposible for it?

I have preload installed and have not noticed a difference in boot time but... Maybe?
You can remove preload and run a few test boots.

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