How To Switch From Zorin OS To Windows Without USB?

I need to install Windows but I don't have an 8 GB USB. Is there any way to switch to Windows without USB?

If your computer has a built-in CD slot, you can put the Windows ISO onto a CD

No, I don't have any CD slot :frowning:

How about a CD reader that you connect to your computer using a USB port?

No, I don't have that too.

I guess you need to buy a USB

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Partition your drive to have about 15gb in a fat32 partition. Install the live image to that partition. Boot to the live image and reinstall to include windows or as windows completely. Boot into windows and delete/ merge the 15gb partition.


You could, if your phone has enough free space, load your files onto the phone, then plug your phone into your computer's USB as a hard drive and run them from the phone as if it were a USB drive.

I recommend making a bootable USB drive in case OSes in internal storages become unbootable.

Yup. I've got a 32 GB microSD card, plugged into a microSD to SD adapter, plugged into an SD-to-USB adapter that I've got Zorin OS burned to, just in case I crash the installed Zorin. Used it just today, as a matter of fact.

Pro-tip: If you're running the ZFS file system, do not wholesaledly go through all the ZFS snapshots and destroy them. Zorin OS doesn't like that.

I'm still casting about for a GUI program that'll let me manage ZFS snapshots.

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