How to sync WebDAV/Synology with Gnome Online Accounts


After a long weekend of endless distro-hopping I finally settled for ZorinOS. One tiny thing I am missing right now is the ability to have my contacts stored on my Synology show up in Gnome Contacts. In one of the other distros (I think it was Fedora), I saw that there was an option for WebDAV, but it's missing in ZorinOS. I am wondering why that is and if can reimplement it. According to ChatGPT I can also sync them via Evolution, but I would prefer doing it directly in the settings.

Fedora uses a newer Gnome Version. And with that the Contacts Program could have more Functions because it is a newer Version, too.

Do You use on Zorin the preinstalled .deb Version? If yes, You could try it with the Flatpak Version from the Gnome Software Store; this is a newer Version.

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Ah, thanks. I suspected as much. I will try this solution once I get my laptop working again😅

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