How to Update Zorin 15.3 to Ubuntu 20.04

A few Months ago i always got the Update Message that i can upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04. But i didnt want to "change a running system" So i clicked it away. But now i have some Problems with streamlink and want to try Ubuntu 20.04. But i cant find the Update Function.
This happens when i type sudo do-release-upgrade -c

~$ sudo do-release-upgrade -V
do-release-upgrade: version 18.04.40
~$ sudo do-release-upgrade -c
Checking for a new Ubuntu release
In /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades Prompt 
is set to never so upgrading is not possible.

Thanks for Help.

Those prompts would have broken your Zorin OS.
You were wise to click them away.

It may have worked (Painfully) but in the end, the result would have been a sort of Ubuntu Dstro, replacing (and removing) Zorin OS.

However, Zorin OS 16 is now released.

Based on Ubuntu 20.04, you may test it out as a LiveUSB to see if it suits your needs.

I agree with Aaravisian. While Ubuntu themselve's may have a functioning direct upgrade option, Zorin does not. And if you had initiated it, like Aaravisian said, it would have most certainly broke your system.

The direct upgrade function, has been a feature that many Zorin users have been requesting for a very long time. The reasons as to why this feature was left out of OS 16 escapes me. But the developers assured us, that they are working on the feature.

With many on Ubuntu 20.04 that have the feature, as well as POP OS users that have it, it really makes me wonder what the issue is. Maybe there is some incompatibility somewhere that I don't know about, its entirely possible, I am not a developer, so how would I know?

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