How would I got about installing GLIBC 2.35 on zorin OS

I need that version of the library to use ALVR but the latest version in the current repos I have saved and installed is 2.31, which is odd as V 16.3 is meant to be based on 22.04 from what I can find, which ships with 2.35 normally.

ZorinOS 16.3 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, not 22.04. That seems to be a very common misconception. Upgrading to a newer version of a system package may break your system, so unfortunately there's very little you can do about this issue.

I found this thread asking a similar question which suggest compiling from source in a separate location in your system but I'm not sure how effective this is in practice.

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I do not recommend trying to install glibc<2.35

The misconception as to 16.3 base comes from hasty Tech Articles reading the ZorinGroups statement that "Zorin OS uses the same Kernel as 22.04" and misreading it as that it is based on 22.04.

From the page:

You can use Appimage

Or you can use Flatpak

I would recommend the Flatpak method, myself.

Using Flatpak, you should be able to install ALVR without making any system changes.
You may want to instlal an additional package: Flatseal. Flatseal allows you to assign more permissions to Flatpak for system access.

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