[HowTO] Live Wallpaper on Zorin 16

This guide will show you how to have Live Wallpaper on Zorin 16

Installation of concerning apps and libs

  1. Installation of mpv
sudo apt install mpv
  1. Compiling tool for Xwinwrap
sudo apt-get install git xorg-dev build-essential libx11-dev x11proto-xext-dev libxrender-dev libxext-dev
  1. Now downloading and compiling Xwinwrap
git clone https://github.com/ujjwal96/xwinwrap.git
cd xwinwrap
sudo make install
make clean


  1. To set up a script that makes a Live Wallpaper possible:
cd /usr/local/bin
sudo nano Live.sh
  1. Insert this command, while modifying the path to the video file you want to use:
xwinwrap -fs -fdt -ni -b -nf -- mpv -wid WID --no-audio --loop "/path/to/your/videofile"
  1. Make the script executable
sudo chmod +x Live.sh

Launch your new Live Wallpaper

  1. To launch the Live Wallpaper automatically you need a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart:
nano ~/.config/autostart/LiveWallpaper.desktop
  1. Copy-paste this and remember to modify its path in Exec;
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=sh -c "path/to/Live.sh"
Name=Live wallpaper
  1. Log out and log in again and if everything goes according to plan you should see your Live Wallpaper now!



You can also use "gedit" instead of "nano". Now it feels more GUI

Everything given under there is to just launch Live Wallpaper at startup. Instead of using .desktop file at .config/autostart you can even try "Startup Applications Preferences" app. Add "/usr/local/bin/Live.sh" as Command (Name would be your preference). Hopefully this would enable live wallpaper.

Try using "/usr/local/bin/Live.sh" in terminal before setting autostart. :wink:

is this compatible with wayland?

Nope. Xwinwwrap is for X11.

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it's difficult for normal users..like me

Where in the guide makes it hard?

I think the biggest obstacle for beginners is compiling part.
Took me some years to get the idea and I still cannot claim that I understand everything.

Saying that, what this command will do?

make clean

I've never used it.

It reset the doing of the make command.

You mean deleting those newly created files?

yes, so for any reason you want to run the compile again you can do so (reason could be compiling error).

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Thanks for this explanation!
I should remember this when I need to compile anything in future :slight_smile:

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If you could tell us where you got stuck, we might be able to help you. Please let us know.

The first try is always harder, I am trying to use it too, as you said before the "biggest obstacle for beginners is compiling part",, yes it's right compiling part is difficult if someone switch from GUI TO CLI , it's definitely difficult for GUI user, I don't know which command has what functionality?..so don't wanna take a risk

Just like any new skills, you will never learn till you try.

It is possible to have a testing environment by installing virtual machines on the system.

Virtual machines are easy to back up (just copy the content of a single folder). If something went wrong, you can delete that image and restore it from the backup.

You can install Virtualbox in Software.

yes I like your idea ... virtual-box definitely good for testing and learning purposes..
by the way i enjoy zorin the main reason i switch from windows to zorin is "Security" and "Speed"....

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I felt exactly the same way when I made a switch from Windows to Linux over 10 years ago :slight_smile:

Windows is not a bad OS. It has some positive sides such as ease of use. But the security.... well, I think I would spare you from my rant :wink:

seriously I have an 8 years relation with windows definitely, it is the best OS in the world ,, now windows 11 will come soon, its far too good, it is very easy to use ,play games millions of windows apps are available , but all the way its often attack with viruses and my entires disk is attack with some ransomware its a big loss for me . and lot of research then I think Zorin os is good to go and I enjoy but I am unable to uninstall Microsoft apps, games, Adobe programs and have the worst experience here a lot of windows apps are not compatible .

I am also in the same boat.
In my case, it is the software I need for my professional needs which would not run under Wine nor have any equivalent in Linux.

My solution is using Windows as a Virtual machine guest (VMWare in my case) on a Linux host. While I understand serious gamers would not want to sacrifice any computer power by virtualization, I am not a gamer. I built the current desktop completely over-speck to compensate this loss of computing power in VMs.