I accidentally deleted my system in zorin os lite

Does it show the individual Partitions sizes?


You also can post a screenshot or a Photo of the terminal output, or the contents of the terminal output copy/pasted.


Your partition is quite small.
13 gigs, that is less than the RAM I have.

It is all used and shows full (100%) in your photo.

The disk is 500gigs, but your Zorin OS partition is set to only a little over ten gigs. You need to enlarge it.

How to enlarge it?

It may be easier to Reinstall Zorin OS, using the "Wipe drive and install Zorin" option.

Are you dual booting or using other partitions on the drive?


Then, I would go with the above suggestion fearlessly.

Where I can wipe my disk, when I stuck in lock screen

Have you booted the LiveUSB to run the Zorin Installer?

I don't know how

I use Unetbootin

When you installed Zorin OS the first time, did you burn the .iso as a bootable medium either to USB or to DVD?

Ah - yes. That.
Do you still have that medium you created using unetbootin?

Yes, I use UNetBootin for burn .iso file

Nope, I install zorin and delete my old os

Did you delete the USB you used?