I am done with some users here and will take a break

I am done with all the bs lately...another user leaving :wave:t2: all.


Have a great Life ahead :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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A note to all:

This forum exists for a purpose: To assist Zorin OS users.
The ZorinGroup is pretty relaxed, in that their forum includes general chat and a Lounge. Some Forums are strictly a help desk, with any off topic commentary removed without warning, concern or poster permission.

However, the spirit of posting here includes being helpful and creating a warm and welcoming place.
If a poster chooses to post belittling comments and Mockery, that poster can expect to be moderated, addressed, PM'd or any other corrective action deemed necessary and warranted to ensure that this forum is a Welcoming Place to users... Not to Abusers.
Many posts or questions can be answered politely, without undue assumptions or accusations.
Many posts can be addressed, without gruffly telling the new member to "try using the search function." I have been using this forum since the very first day it opened and I still haven't got a handle on the search function.

Such... Is not "BS".

Storming off merely saves the forum from necessitating a user Ban. It will earn you neither sympathy nor a change in policy to allow for Abusive Coments being directed at seasoned and new members, alike.

The Moderation Stands. Thread Closed.