I am getting a terminal when I try to install Zorin

My computer is kind of old so I decided to download Zorin os
it went pretty nice but then at the installation part it just gave me a terminal

can you take a clear photo of the screen, make sure the text is visible and readable in the image.

Could we go back to square one? What is make and model of PC, if a 'grey' machine (not a well known branded one), what is the Processor, RAM and Graphics card? Going back a stage further, did you check the hash key of the Zorin .iso image to verify it had not become corrupted during download? What install media are you using and what did you use to create it?

My computer has 4gb of RAM a AMD processor with two cores
and a Intel graphics card I don't know which one though
I used balena etcher and Rufus and I also try to reinstall the ISO file

nvm the ram was the problem
sorry for wasting your time

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Hey friend, you never waste our time. Glad you found out the issue.

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