I am not getting any wifi on my laptop

So I have an HP ENVY X360 laptop and well my chipset is a rtw89_8852ce. I tried to use Zorin OS 16.3 on it however I could never seem to get the wifi to work on it furthermore my GPU is Intel Arc. I have been told that only Ubuntu 22.04 supports. So am I forced to wait till Ubuntu 22.04? I have tested it and my wifi does work on Ubuntu 22.04.

Furthermore being that I have a 2 in 1 laptop for some reason it does not detect and external display when I use a monitor via HDMI as well and it does not seem to want to auto-rotate the screen.

Zorin OS 17 will be based on elements of Ubuntu 22.04 and will show the same support for newer hardware.

Given what you describe - and my own familiarity with that computer... I would agree that waiting for Zorin OS 17 would be best.


I think it's because my laptop is very new in fact it was made in February of this year. And when it comes to Linux usually it takes a bit for most distros to actually catch up to your hardware. For example, my hardware only seems to work up Ubuntu 22.04. Furthermore, I have tested this but my wifi does not work on anything bellow Debian 13. And it is dumb I have been forced to use basically ubuntu on this laptop because that is the only stable distro I could get that would work with wifi as well as fedora works but I prefer the ubuntu support cycle better. It is just dumb because I will have to wait till 2025 before I can even think of using Debian on it.

Well, your laptop was not designed or made with Linux in-mind as the main operating system.

Furthermore, Debian 12 has a similar 6.1 kernel to the most recent Ubuntu in the 6 series versus 5.15 for Zorin OS. (Debian 13 is at least a few years out.)

You can modify Ubuntu or Fedora to look like Zorin. I did it with Linux Mint and then installing the Ubuntu-Desktop. It works surprisingly well and it has no Snap packages which seems important for some people.

Linux like Windows is not perfect. If you want to use Linux, my recommendation is to try Linux Mint, Tuxedo OS, or Kubuntu all based on Ubuntu. For me, these distributions are solid and stable. I like Zorin because it is super reliable despite an older Ubuntu 20.04 LTS base. I know when I turn on my PC it will work (if I haven't been deleting things or thinking I know more than the developers). I like also that the software center has Debian, Ubuntu, Snap, and Flatpak packages so finding software is easy on Zorin.

Hope you find something that works for you.


During lockdown until I retired, (March 2020 to end August 2021) working from home, my best GNU/Linux experience was with Devuan 3.0. They have just released Devuan 5.0 stable that comes with kernel 6.1. I prefer KDE Plasma over Gnome and tweaked it to look like Windows 10 by installing Tiled Menu.
The only thing I needed a VM of Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit was for a shared mailbox and the Windows version of Brailleblaster (Braille translation software) as the GNU/Linux version did not run on Devuan. And in place of MS Office my workflow was greatly improved using SoftMaker Office 2018 and 2021.

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