I can not install any thing from ZorinOS

I can not install anything from software-store. I have to use terminal. But I do not want. In all time, stuck on %0 while installing from flathub or zorinos repo or local deb file. Please help me?

Can you try resetting the Gnome-Software app:

killall gnome-software

rm -rf ~/.cache/gnome-software

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software

Not worked. Still stuck on %0 while installing Notion or visual studio code.

Do you have UFW enabled?

What is it? I am new on Linux.

UFW is Uncomplicated FireWall.
You can search for gufw (That's Graphical UFW) in the app menu by opening the app menu, then typing gufw into it.

It is disabled.

If this is the same bug; the Flatpak (Gnome) devs have shown no interest in backporting the fix.

Is this occurrence only on Flatpak installs, or on all installs in the Software Store?

For all installs including zorinos repo or local deb files which I downloaded from net.

Hmmm... I am aware of this as an issue with Flatpaks.
But Gnome-Software freezing on .deb packages is unusual.
Handful of posts in - am already stumped.

OK. Please fix this. I'll try using ZorinOS with "pacstall" and "apt install" on terminal. I will try cause of I like ZorinOS so much.

I never use the software store. I use only the terminal for installs and removals.
When I migrated from Windows to Linux, I tried relying on Software Store and found it unreliable.

I recommend Synaptic package manager. Though it deals only with APT.

But in the end... the terminal offered easy, efficient and fast handling of all packages, no matter what the format or packaging.

This doesn't mean we are giving up on your issue...
But the terminal is very worth a chance.

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Hi . a long time ago under ZorinOs Version 12 , I had the same issue. I solved it by updating the system with the updater manager .But I had to do it step by step. when you open the updater manager (orange logo with white arrows) you will see a lot of things to update. If you choose all together it can became stucked, (I have zorin 16 recently install in one computer and this happened a couple of days ago) you must choose first of all the "base" update (by selecting with a tic and deselecting the rest), and then when it finishes you can choose the rest of the packages . Maybe among the updates there is one for the software manager.

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Now that you jogged my memory, I remember Artyom Zorin recommending this a s solution about a year ago or less.

I agree with that. Not difficult using terminal. I am using ZorinOS right now and I am happy. Interface , animations so beauty.

@Aravisian Edit: Solved. I did not do any thing.

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was it a temporal error? a bad internet connection?

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