I can’t Log in

I recently bought a computer from someone and they didn’t tell me the password they won’t answer me. So I have no way of logging in whatsoever. I bought the PC for a friend, and I can’t get into it. I’m not familiar with zorin so I have no idea what to do.

I recommend installing from scratch, it's the best way to solve the problem given how this wasn't your computer to start with, and the responsible thing to do:


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So, if I understand You right you want to install Zorin on this bought PC and there is an OS installed on it. That shouldn't be a great Problem. When you have a own PC or Laptop You can there simply create a bootable USB-Stick and then plug it in the bought PC turn it on and go in the BIOS or Boot Order and start the Stick from there and install Zorin.

Or do You mean with Login that it has a Password for an encrypted HDD/SSD/M.2?

The post was ringing alarm bells when I first read this post. I was asked once to reset a password on a notebook with Windows on it - I refused as it smacked of being stolen and purchased by someone who didn't know any better.


Thanks! I’ll give it a try.


Grand Theft Notebook!

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Let's avoid the blame-placing speculation.

The vast majority of personal market sales are legitimate, from used cars to electronics, even if the seller lacks experience with etiquette and proper follow up.
Many venues exist for selling personally owned items and have means of reporting or providing feedback on the seller/ sales experience. It is up to the buyer to pursue those.

@zenzen's post really does address the question raised by the O.P. In the case of buying a second hand computer, a new owner really should (and really wants to) wipe the drive in any event even if just for security purposes. Doing a wipe and fresh install of their preferred Operating System is the optimal approach.

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To be honest, every time I see this question it's the first thing that comes to mind :sweat_smile: It's tough to verify the reality of the situation, so I give the same advice every time since it's usually the right thing to do anyway.

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