I cant Boot USB ZorinOS 16 Pro

I download new iso but checksum is not same again. Why its happening?

What you should have is this:
Please verify?

Actually I am also having a difficulty installing Zorin 16 Pro :frowning:

I downloaded iso 4 times but each time sha256sum is:


What am I missing here?

While you were away, there was an Ubuntu Bug that affected Zorin OS- right on the release date, at that.

It is currently in the Final Stages of patching and uploading to all servers.

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Thanks for this info!
I think I wasted about 3 hours of my life on this bug :neutral_face:

What was it now... Murphy's law?

I then have a correct iso...
How come the installer crashes just after copying files at each installation attempt?

It is HP Elitebook 8470P
It is set to EUFI only mode and secureboot is disabled.

I, for one, have no doubt you are proficient at installing.
Moderator person.

Have you tried the WorkAround steps noted in the thread linked above? Did you use BalenaEtcher? (In this ONE CASE, it may actually help. For a change.)

Yup, I saw that posting and in the process of making a new installer with Etcher.

I am still not so sure if I deserve this entitlement :thinking:

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off topic:

Being a forum moderator is not a Power or a Privilege. It is a janitorial position and often... it feels like one. It is tricky as sometimes, you must draw your sword swiftly and decisively... and when you do... Prepare for the flakback for having drawn your sword.

Congrats on your demotion and...

Good Luck.:expressionless:

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In any case I know who to ask for help when I'm in a tight spot :wink:

It is known...

That I keep my sword...


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Yup! It worked this time :smile:
Phew, I was afraid of losing my face being unable to install it :sweat_smile:


Can I boot on harddisk in Ubuntu? Because i broke 2 usb disk when try flashing.

-sigh- Balena... currently you are a savior and a curse.

I usually do not recommend Etcher since I also lost 2 USBs in past :frowning_face: But it seems to be a necessary evil at the moment for installing Zorin 16.

I think you could try making an installer with USB connected SSD or microSD reader.

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During my distro hopping I lost hm around 15 USB while flashing ..mostly Etcher issues, haha

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I also did a lot of distro hopping - with a troop of USBs - I think I have close to 40 to 50 USBs floating around at the moment. A kind of wear levelling strategy :wink:

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I get this sha256

It should have been:

I think you need to download iso one more time.