I cant install any nvidia graphic driver after installation from NFS server

Hi everyone.
Im trying to boot Zorin 15.3 Lite from my Ubuntu 18.04 PXE server. For boot from network Im using TFTP thru DNSMASQ and NFS server. I can boot to OS, but the main problem is, that I cant select any nvidia graphic driver after installation. And if i add parameter “nvidia-zorin” to my default configuration file in pxelinux, than I wont have any driver neither. My default conf file is based on menuentires file that is in folder /isolinux/menuentires (label nvidia).
If I boot from USB, then everything works perfectly fine. Thru network boot I have this problem.
Any idea where can be problem?

When you boot up zorin os from your usb make sure you choose zorin os nividia graphics mode for better support and hardware detection.
I hope it works with you

Yeah this works with USB, but it wont solve my problem, beacuse I need boot more than 20 computers everyday. Main OS is Windows, but for some purposes I need to use Linux. So I wont buy 20 USBs and boot every single computer manually every time.
But thank you for reply!