I cant open my windows files

i have installed Zorin OS 16 Pro beside winnows 10 . when i am on zorin i cant not open any windows files . how can i open my windows pictures and things.

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I also have dual boot. Do you mean you can't open Windows files by clicking on them? Or are you asking where to find them on Zorin?

For me, in the file manager, I access my Windows files at the bottom left under "other locations", there you select your Windows volume, then "Documents and Settings". From there, you'll see your Windows username. Just click that file, then you can access all your docs, pics, downloads, etc.

If your issue is that you can't click and open files there, you may have to mount the Windows volume first.


I just go to the Windows Volume and then go to /user/kedric/.

thanks i will try each one and see if it works fro me

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still dont work picture of the problem attached

i did search in software for answer but didn't come up with anything

What file format is it?

it says cant open symbolic link files so i guess that's what it is

thank jack

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Who is jack?

Do you have a copy of the same file stored elsewhere in windows?

Symbolic links are supposed to be links to a file. In this case the file you are trying to open is a link. So the problem might be like the original file can't be located.

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im jack

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Did you try opening the real file? Not the link.

Does opening every file say the same as you shown in the picture?

You are on it.
Windows does not use the same Symlink entry that Linux users.

jgesnaker, as Jeslin asked, have you tried opening the original (Not symbolic link) file?

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