I cant really describe what the issue is, but it seems like theres a problem with .service files

I get that error in software store, which is on the screenshot, it happens after a while after booting the PC. Right after boot it is all good, it gives no such error, but after an hour or so it starts to happen. Also not sure if it affects anything, it updated blender with no problems while showing that error. I have also no idea where to pull the logs from for that issue.2021-08-21_20-12

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Two other users have also noticed this issue with Gnome-Software. Fortunately, as you point out, reinitializing the software store usually gets rid of it - temporarily.

Alright, thank you.

Hopefully a patch will hit the updater on it soon. Sorry- I meant to type this above but my brain went into BSOD.

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