I did it. Daily driving Linux for 30 days

It has been a month (2021-11-12) since I joined this forum and daily driving with Zorin OS (Linux). I did not think I was gonna last. But thanks to the mods and users here, saving my butt from breaking the system multiple times. Long last, I have lasted this long. I just want to say thank you. That's all. Keep it the good work.


I hear you.
When I first started using Zorin OS, it was... entertaining. I felt like I wanted to go back to Windows several times. Had a disk been handy, I probably would have.
After some growing pains and a lot of learning, things began to click into place in my mind and before long, there was no going back.
How do you revert to a Pinto after Driving a Bentley?


I also can not imagine switching back to windows after Linux.

I dont see any advantages of Windows over Linux.
Yes, first start is hard and painfull. In my case I daily clean installed Linux for few times, there was a lot mistakes, wrong decisions etc. But that was really fun period. :slight_smile:


same, been using Linux for school since september


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