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I didn't get an email after purchase and now unable to download

I purchased the Pro edition, probably not long after the release and I haven't received an email and my initial attempts at download failed, like others have experience. The link has now expired.
I cannot make a support enquiry because I don't have the code from the email.
Help! Can some one please assist or suggest how I get these issues resolved?

You could try a PM from here to the devs, @AZorin and/or @zorink.

I guess I dodged a bullet by keeping my money. :thinking:

Why saying that? It's only a few cases where the automation fails or we'll drowning in threads like this if that's the case.

Are people able to get the download? I was looking to purchase it but I don't wanna get stuck with nothing.

If that happens, you contact the devs and they give you the the download link. But wait until that everyone settle with downloads in a couple of days. I read on Tweeter that the servers where hammered by download requests and they are working hard to get all the servers up again.


Okay. :+1:

Hi David, it appears that you mis-typed your email address while purchasing your copy of Zorin OS 16 Pro. We have just now sent your download link and Registration Number to the correct email address.

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