I {expiative delete^∞} hate Windows

Since Epic Games store is mandatory for installing tools in UNREAL ENIGINE, and I had a spare SSD laying around, I decided to set up a Windows 10 on my system.

After 1 years of Zorin being my daily driver, I'm not allowed to express how much I can't stand being in Window.

I spent an hour connected to my internet by a wire, watching Windows UPDATE, and restarted at LEAST 5 times,.

Zorin only asked to restart after it's done everything, and I'm back working is a minute.

I have a Wacom DTU-1031X. I could never get the screen working on under Linux is spite there supposedly being an UBUNTU driver.
I decided, "hey it's supposed to work under windows"
I had a moment of happiness and optimism as the screen automatically appeared as another monitor.
That joy was INSTANLY destroyed when the WACOM functions that "just worked" under ZORIN, were completely unusable.

"Okay. Right. It Windows and it needs drivers."

I head to WACOM and tell them my tablet. It sends to some default driver. "Cool" I download and install it. No WACOM.
I start a 2 hour slog through the glorious paragon of incompetence that is Windows 10, only to find out it's the WRONG driver, and doesn't recognize my device. Now I have to find an old driver that actually lets my Hardware work.

I've had some minor complaints about Zorin and Linux in the past. I'm only my second day under Windows and have ACCOMPLISHED nothing but raising my blood pressure.

At least Windows 7 could be beaten into submission!
Windows 10 has gottwen in my way at least 10 times since I started typing this.

My Purchase of Zorin Pro is the best money I ever spent.
If you read this far and have not bought your license, please do so as soon an possible.

I have rub Ubuntu, Mint, and Elementary OS, as daily drivers before I settled on Zorin, plus I have USB keys of at least 10 other Linux Distros focused on some specify need that they are better at because they focused. But Zorin 16.1 is a gift from the gods. It's better than Windows or Mac OS, and when I figure out how to get Epic Store working under it to feed Unreal Engine I reformat this cursed drive and forever put Windows behind be.

I urge Zorin to create a Patreon where I can offer $5 per month in perpetuity. I know they probably already have a donation system, but Patreon left me keep track of all my donations in one place.

I know they sip some of the money, but they are offering a convivence worth it to me.

If anyone out there has a Patreon who is specifically sorting ZORIN through their work. message me and I may just through you something as well, CAUSE this EMPIRE os OS dominance needs to end the world runs on C.R.E.A.M.
Cash Rules Everythiing About Me!


I know your feeling haha. Got the same frustration when i used windows. I am using linux now for 1 year and i am glad i moved away from windows.


I cracked up when I read this 'cuz its WAY TOO real!! Having worked my way up (down?!?) thru Windows 3.1, 95, 97, XP, Vista (immediately dumped!), 7 and now pretty much forced to buy 11 (major pain in the keyboards), I KNOW exactly what you mean. MS $uck$ big time.

Of all the Windows I would choose XP as the best one that I used.

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If I could get get Epic Games launcher to support Linux Unreal engine for asset install, I could format my Windows drive and never look back.

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