I get "Enter password to unlock key ring" pop up when opening ms edge

Hi, I am new to Linux and using zorin 15.3 lite. Every time I open a chromium based browser I get a pop up as in below

I don't know what keyring even means, please help to get rid of this!

Yes I have this all time. This is something collect all passwords.

here explanation. You can ofcourse off that function.

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Thanks for the article. Now I know what key ring means but as stated in the article they use a application "password and keys" which I can't find in zorin 15.3 lite even any other application related to it so how can I locate the key rings then ?

The article said Where is this keyring located? At the core, it’s a daemon (a program that runs automatically in the background).

You don’t have to ‘fight the daemon’ in the terminal. Most desktop environments come with a graphical application that interacts with this daemon. On KDE, there is KDE Wallet, on GNOME and others, it’s called Password and Keys
So what should I do?


here is old forum zorin how to remove that.

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I uninstalled it because it's annoying.
It has something to do with a app called Seahorse see here;

Uninstalled it by using the command;
apt --purge autoremove seahorse

That did it for me, never saw it again.

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You are getting this annoying popup because you have Chromium installed as either a snap Package or Flatpak.

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Thanks after this below command I am not getting pop ups anymore

sudo apt-get --purge remove gnome-keyring

But now I can't sign in to microsoft edge even after clicking "Sign in"button multiple times. The removal of the key ring has anything do with with this new problem ?

Here is near the same topic with keyring.

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Well, this is not totally true because when I installed Zorin 15, it popped up even when I was using the standard installed apps. Yes, it happened also by using Firefox so....

That can happen if policykit-1 needs to be reinstalled or installed.

sudo apt-get install -y policykit-1-gnome policykit-1

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I have never encountered that on OS 16, but I did encounter that more then once on OS 12.4! And yes it is annoying, and it never made any logical sense to me why it was there, especially since I knew I never asked for it, nor started it. It just shows up.

And truth is, I recommend 100% against using the keyring password collector. If somebody were to have your system and gain access to the keyring, they could get access to all your passwords, and then your really and truly screwed.

If you can't remember your passwords, write them down on a sticky note, then put the sticky note in a drawer somewhere, don't stick it to your monitor please lol.


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