I got a question

Is it okay to download Zorin OS 16 Pro for free? There is the link: (Link removed from post)

Why be a pirate? What the .........


Sorry, that was the question. That is my fault for asking this question. The core edition is free as I know. Pro isn't.

This is a Pirated Copy:

that the website is Profiting from by referrals to the link:

The link has been removed. Copy forwarded to ZorinGroup @AZorin and @zorink


In response to the O.P.

It is not ok to download a pirated copy of Zorin OS Pro.

  • This is an illicit copy that may be altered to contain malicious software. Downloading it is risky, much less using it.
  • It is an interesting point that noted above- the website asks for support by profit in using referral fees, as it pirates a copy of the ZorinGroup means Of Support. Piracy deprives the developers from being paid for their hard work. Zorin OS Pro is what supports development. Remove the support and you risk the development.

To prevent the spread of malware, in future, you can PM the link for a pirated copy to any Moderator or directly to the Zoringroup for review.