I have a thunar windows glitch

When i add a new theme to zorin os , and when i open thunar , its start lagin and make all desktop gitching or something like theme problem like that , desktop restarts
Also i find that i found when i change windows manager theme the problem still stuck till i go to zorin os drak grey or somthing of like that the problem is gone
Pls i want fix for this problem (also the theme is arc darkest kiwi from xfce theme website)

Also i forgot that i used the new theme and when i open thunar problems starts

This sounds very likely an issue with the Arc Darkest kiwi third party theme.
You can check the webpage for that theme to ensure it is compatible on XFCE 4.16

It support's , xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon desktop environments.

I downloaded and installed the theme:

Running the theme, I then launched and ran Thunar.
I tested resizing windows, moving them around, changing directories and ran it through all the paces that I could think of. But I could not replicate any glitches, crashes, lagging...

While the theme may call upon something that draws a problem out, that does not mean that the theme itself is flawed. You might try:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

to see if the thunar and thunar desktop elements had a file that was corrupted.

If that does not work, you can try

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

Reboot (Be warned, all your personalized configurations will now revert to default) and test using thunar and the Arc Darkest Kiwi theme. If you have no issues, it was likely a configuration saved in ~/.config

Would like to take liberty and rephrase this as "Heads up, you'll revert to default settings"
which can be easily reverted back to your original configurations

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

Essentially moves your configuration to a backup file created called config.bk and can be easily restored (Although you probably know that)

Can you tell if this problem is
1- for all Third party themes
2- For all File managers

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