I have Zorin Connect working but the Messages interface wrong

When I connect to my Android Messages via Connect what is presented is not what I would expect to see. Everything shows Group messages and I do not see any messages. I can click on the + sign and get a list of contacts to send messages to, and I can send them a message but I see no history but just a blank screen.

How do I get the appropriate Messages view to show?
When I do select a message this is all I get.

I would expect to see my individual messages and not just group messages which is all it will show and not the actual messages just what you see in the screen shot. Thanks for any help.

I think it says "Group Messages" because there is 2 persons in the conversation (you and the other person), and this is the same for me. But i do can see the message history (not always, though)

I have experienced some inconsistencies with Zorin Connect.

My three suggestions:

  • Are "Contacts" active to sync in both PC and Cell?

  • Try installing KDE Connect on your Phone (replace Zorin Connect mobile App with it). It can pair with Zorin Connect on your computer without any problems.

  • And finally, exchange Zorin Connect on the PC by Gnome Connect to pair with KDE Connect in Phone. For me, the complete message historic was only displayed when using Gnome Connect + KDE Connect.


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