I have Zorin OS 16 Core Beta installed, and I am thinking to switch to Ubuntu. Will it be a good idea

My computer specs are Intel i3-7020U, Intel UHD Graphics 620 and 1TB HDD along with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM. Which OS can run smoothly and give me regular app and security updates. Should I wait for Zorin OS 16 Stable.

Considering this forum is populated by a large group of people that find Zorin OS superior to Ubuntu's performance...

Zorin OS 16 runs smoother, better and faster than Ubuntu 21.04 and Ubuntu 20.04.
And the release of Zorin OS 16 is so very soon... I'd definitely wait. If you cannot wait - Why not use Zorin OS 16 Beta? I realize that it is not the Official Final Release but it runs like a champ.


Both will run smoothly on your system**, and both provide regular app and security updates. Ubuntu 20.04 is released and Zorin 16 Stable will be released within a matter of days, so that's a wash in practical terms. Whether or not it is a "good idea" to switch from Zorin to Ubuntu is a matter of personal preference -- which desktop environment works best for you?


** I've run both Ubuntu 20.10 and Zorin 16 Beta on a Intel 3rd Gen i3 with 4GB and a 128GB SSD, so I'm not blowing smoke -- both perform fine with those specs and Intel's 7th Gen is much faster. If you are the sort that runs with 5 apps and 10 tabs open and are concerned about performance, upgrading from 4GB to 8GB will give you a marked performance increase.

Thank you guys for guiding me. I will wait for Zorin OS 16 Stable. Also, I hope that they should provide Stable edition through an update. The thing is that Ubuntu is going to implement GNOME 40 through the next upgrade. I had once used Fedora 34 on live USB, so I experienced GNOME 40. Should I stick to GNOME 38* or go for GNOME 40, based on which would perform better on my laptop.

*of Zorin OS 16

Ask yourself; Do Gnome 40 comes with something you can't live without?

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Yeah, totally agree. Since the day I'd buy my laptop, I install immediately Zorin OS since the 15.1 release. It smoothens my programming study. Now that 16 is coming, another 10/10 rate for this OS.


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Nope. But does GNOME 40 perform better or GNOME 38.

From my testing on Fedora - No. It does not run faster or better. It has some interesting new features, some are pretty good.
But it also removed many essentials and classes, including "Toolbars." This was, of course, a sneaky and underhanded move to position themselves as the most dominant desktop with Gnome and dominance of Gnome Apps, completely throwing all other non-gnome distros to the wolves like Linux Mint and XFCE and KDE (Since while KDE uses QT, it also relies on the gtk toolkit, as well.)
All other desktops must stick with pre-gtk 4.0 toolkit OR fork the gtk toolkit which is a rather massive undertaking (Which is why gnome has maintained its monopoly over it.)

Just yet... Another Big Heavy Slap in the face by over-controlling greedy Microsoft Wannabe Gnome. Before long, all Linux users will only have One Choice: Gnome.

Yes, GNOME 40 also removed Desktop Icons, which I need most of the time, instead of opening Nautilus every time :neutral_face:

But after Zorin OS 16 Stable releases, I need to install the whole OS once again (which is damn tedious) to get the best experience. I hope Zorin Group fixes this.

Yes, that is another removal- there really is a Long List of stuff... It's so obvious and openly in front of our faces what they are doing.

I am using BETA and it's stable. My own opinion is- Reinstall if you need to.

Will it give me the same experience without reinstalling.

Only a direct comparison side-by-side could tell for sure. Since Zorin OS 16 full release is not yet available...
But logically speaking, it is the same packages on the same build from the same repositories. I would be very hard pressed to think that there would be a difference. ZorinGroup logically would cover their end by recommending a full reinstallation. One good reason for this is: What have users been doing on their Betas that may have broken some things- but will believe that or blame Zorin OS's full release for those conflicts?
Recommending a reinstallation avoids that potential problem and fielding all those inquiries.
It's what I would do if I was them. :expressionless:

Yes, true. Have to wait till 17th August :joy:

I don't know why but for me Zorin is something like a treasure.
You need him. I am little addicted with this Operating sytem.
I don't know why. Maybe because he is diffrent.
I used all time many linux operative systems and windows.
I don't know for me this is like a need a collection all episode series "Zorin".
Or maybe because a nature a human is a adventure to discover new things - we want and need new things like a rain in a summer.
New version operating system is like a bite a cake what taste diffrent from all cakes in the shop and this cake gived you more satisfaction.


Wow, I am shocked :exploding_head: What a poem

We have had more than our fair share of rain here this summer, so no thanks. But I see other places that are wishing for rain to dampen wild fires.

Thank you. <3