I hope Zorin 17 will working

Bought that motherboard.
MSI Motherboard Z590-A PRO (MS-7D09) 1.0 i hope will be working.
Thinking also another parts hardware here send photo.

You already have a CPU, right?

Yes but my motherboard what bought before is cheaper ASRock H510M-HVS and poor about section power. I want changed first motherboard to check if I don't need buying full new hardware pc.
my old pc have ddr3 and this have ddr4 and processor with socket lga 1200 that means propably will be better.
I want that because i want one pc for daily using and another for only linux then i don't need doing dual boot.

The motherboard cannot buying.
I choice that version motherboard

I hope will be working.
Also order
https://www.proshop.no/SSD/Samsung-980-SSD-PCIe-30-NVMe-M2-1TB/2927291 and
all new parts hardware case Lian Li Lancool III A-RGB Black;
power supply Corsair RM850e V2;
graphic card amd Sapphire Radeon RX 6600 Pulse 8GB
Ram G.Skill AEGIS DDR4-3200C16DC
Seagate IronWolf Pro 2TB
Processor from old pc intel i5-10400F
Bottleneck i check on webside is 10%
I hope this is good choice for any operating system.

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