I Like Pro!

Recently spent Some Time on the Forum and the friendly nature of the community encouraged me to buy Pro version of Zorin. After Spending a lot of time, trying to install it. I was unable to Install it and I want a refund now cause the installation support is not responsive.


You can Try Contacting them via this link :-

Refund Process are not handeled by the Community.
But, If you can be more specific with your problems. We can try figuring out your installation Problems together :smiley:


Thank you for the Reply
But, I cannot tell the Problem when I don't know the Problem!
Everything was working fine on Core Version.

The ZorinGroup consists of Two People.
They are responsible for all the development, as well as answering customer inquiries. As you can imagine, it can take a bit of time for them to get to a message and reply.

You had said above that you could not install. Can you relay the specifics of what stopped the installation?

A point:
If we help to resolve your trouble, it may help others if they run into the same problem. This does not jeopardize your eligibility for a refund.

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The developers are very busy to fast answers your problem.
On this forum are people with high experiences to help with problems if you have. That why this forum exist.
If you don't afraid share what's problem with your hardware or instalation.

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If I remember correctly back when I installed Pro after trying 16 I found no difference in the installation other than the entering of the code sent to you in your email ....

I am tagging this to @AZorin and @zorink since it has been a little bit of time without word back from the O.P.
I am hoping that multiple notifications from different fronts may help expedite the process.

Everyone have opinion about what they liked or not.
Thanks for sharing you don't liked a Pro version.
Besides I remember i testing Core and Pro and the diffrents are new layout apperance and more software.
I understandable you want everything working out from the box that why you don't liked that distribution because you meeting some problems on your a computer when trying installing and the support don't answear your problem.
What I remember it was a some 2 weeks when they are answear or faster. Hard to sayed but they mostly always repaired my problems.

Hi @resistance

It doesn't appears that we received any messages about this issue from you (from the email address linked to your forum account).

We've now sent you an email with details on how to resolve this issue.


Thank you for the Support, My Installation problem was solved by some Online content and the Support from @anon6471198 and I am now able to use the Pro version of Zorin OS :smile:

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