I need another break from the forums

Lately, I haven't had a lot of people respond to me, which makes me anxious. Part of me thinks that I'm getting ignored somehow and you have lost faith in me, but I know that y'all are in different countries and are in different time zones, and part of me wonders what I did wrong.

So, I'm taking another break from the forums for a week to get my head over it.


I'm only new to the forum & have had several questions that ive replied to & absolutely NO reply from the OP.
Yet i & you & others that could help have done LOT's of research/studying without replies, i also felt like you do, but i just STOP replying now, if there is no reply from OP, to at-least one of our replies ...
As i'm learning linux myself , i normally click the like button as it maybe new info to me & helps me too. So in some way i take a like :heart: for my post as an appreciation for my time, as it could trigger a way for the OP to fix their issue's! Even tho the OP doesn't reply.
So Don't take it personal, you know how to smile :smile: , meaning stay happy.
On the other hand,, Yes we all need to have a break now & then ,,, most importantly we need to look after ourselves,, Take care, & hope to see you back as soon as your ready..


I think you're are overanalyzing it, no offense :slight_smile: I think people are just to busy with their own problems some times, and most people come here for tech support only.

Recently I'm very busy so I ca't be on the forums as I used to, so I may have missed some threads.


Not just you. I see it all the time and not just recently. Just bad manners. Unfortunately there are people out there that do not understand community, just me, me, me.
A reply from the OP saying "it didn't help" would be better than leaving the thread hanging unresolved.
I am also seeing new posters adding to old unresolved threads which then neccesitates reading through the thread again to understand the train of events. Often things have been suggested but assume not tried or no feedback regarding success or not.
Luckily these cases are in the minority and most people posting here are appreaciatitive of unpaid help given by us other users. That makes it all worthwhile. We are all on this Linux adventure together.
Take a break, but do not take ungrateful behaviour of the few personally. Zab


Same as I said to Aravisian, I think it's best to make sure you take care of yourself. You have been plenty active and done so much for this community, but can be taxing once you get too involved.

Good luck and hope to you see soon around :+1:


Same here, a few days ago i saw someone reply after a year on his topic…maybe i wait a year to reply :crazy_face:.

@Turtle11, take your time and don’t let things like this take you down in your head. The world is changing, people’s manners are changing…


I don't reply to OP's if I don't understand what they are asking or have an answer to their question ..... I also don't give likes for the same reason .....

If I give a like it generally means I agree with what was said ..... why would I like a post if I don't understand what was said ..... if the poster was wrong I'm agreeing with them .... which I have done in the past but not anymore ..... no one likes to make themselves look stupid which I have done in the past and to that I can't say ..... but not any more ...... :grinning:


Also not to forget, many people do things away from home, computers. After all, just went through the Holidays..


You are not ignored... people have lives and do spend them away from their technical issues. We see waves of issues and lulls imbetween.

We are all here voluntarily, when each of us has the time and energy to dedicate. Breaks from helping are normal and keep us sane. You should have no hard feelings about not being here, if that's what you need, or when you don't hear from someone you're assisting.

I, too, have taken time to focus on pressing matters in life... usually without a word to the forum. I wasn't trying to be rude, but sometimes life requires attention and not everyone you know requires knowledge of it or an explanation. That's reality. So regroup, relax and we'll see you when you can and want to be here.


On the beginning with Zorin i also was here often. When i fixed problems on Zorin the forum support is sometimes for me checking if something changed. Propably when new version Zorin will release also back to hotline. Besides also existing many distributions. People tried and tested. Linux is changing every day. When something will be new in the world Linux propably people back here. Now i know how installing aby distribution also from handbook or LFS. I have also channel in my language on discord and internet. Every used have diffrent hardware and not always mine solutions will be working for another members this forum.


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