I need help with Timeshift backups

Hello! I'm a beginner Linux user, I recently switched from Windows 10 to Zorin OS and looked for a solution similar to Windows system protection (backups) to help me protect my data. That's when I found Timeshift. The problem is when I create a backup, it is created but not displayed on the Timeshift home screen and even when I use the terminal to view the backup, it displays the message "no snapshots on this device". I'm using an external hard drive to make backups on a 120GB partition.

As you can see in the images below, the backup exists, but it is not found by Timeshift, so it is not possible to restore the system if needed. Please help me.

Just to clear up any confusion before bad things happen:
Timeshift backs up the system. It is like Windows System Snapshots in that regard.

For user-data backups, like from your home directory, look into Déjà Dup.

Apart from this, I worry that I can't be of much more help because I have VERY limited experience with Timeshift.

I have seen this before, though I am also not very knowledgeable about how Timeshift does its inner workings.

A general sense is that if it writes to disk but is incomplete, it cannot display the snapshot in the GUI or Terminal until it is. If a fault interrupted that write, then it will display as No SnapShot.

If the terminal shows no snapshot - that means no snapshot is available (even if it shows something in the GUI folder. That something is, for whatever reason, invalid).

You can try

  • Removing and purging Timeshift, then reinstalling Timeshift.
  • Removing that invalid snapshot and creating a new one and seeing if it goes through.
  • Not using Timeshift and using other means.

I have used Timeshift and though I never had any problems, I realized that I was using it needlessly. I now just back up my personal data and work individually as a routine behavior.
It uses much less space, is easier to restore and allows me a Fresh start if I need to reinstall without bloat and fluff.