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I am trying to install Zorin OS and having some issues. I am trying to install dual boot. I have turned off bit locker (I believe) I have turned off fast boot and secure boot. I also a 100GB unallocated space on my hard drive where I would like to install Zorin. When I launch from the usb a put it on (using rufus) it brings up the options of try or install. I have tried the basic and the nvida option as my computer has nvida graphics and it goes to a black screen and never goes any farther.
My computer is an ASUS ZenBook 14 model UX435EG-XH74

I just want you to know, that it was completely 100% logical, that you went with the Nvidia install, since you have an Nvidia GPU. Having said that however, some users report issues with that in the installer.

This time, boot up into the installer like before, but this time, choose the regular version, NOT the Nvidia option, the normal version. I bet that will get through without issues. We can get your system ready for Nvidia once the OS is already installed.


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