I Suddenly Cannot Pin Edge Browser (PWA) Applications to the Dash

I've always been able to pin applications that are from my Edge browser to the dash. In fact, I have a few pinned down there, but it seems suddenly any new apps that I create don't offer that option in their context menus. Is this a change, or am I missing something?

Apps pinned:

Can't pin that one:

All help is appreciated, but if you're guessing, please let me know. And no, I'm not looking for suggestions to alternative applications.


I was having another issue running the Gnome Shell Integration extension. Someone on StackOverflow mentioned that it was yet another bug where if Edge is installed via flatpack/Snap, the extension won't recognize the installed native application. So I reinstalled Edge via the download from Microsoft and both problems seem to be solved.


Thanks for sharing your solution, I was curious about this as well.