I think i found a bug. Not sure... Hope to get some help Laptop monitor function button

I think I found a bug. Ok I have two different laptops. One is a HP Gaming laptop with a Intel i7 with the nVidia GTX graphic card, and the other is a Toshiba Satellite S55-C5274 laptop with a Intel i7 and Intel Graphic. I have a 500gb HP SSD internal HD in both machines. Well i downloaded the Zorin 16 free version and made a cd. Check it out and had no errors. The software installed on both machines ok but when i hooked up my external monitor via HDMI neither machine would detect the monitor. Both machines were running windows 10 and i had no problems with the switching to and from laptop screen to the bigger screen. The Monitor switching buttons work with windows 10, but when i install Zorin 16. Neither laptop with switch or detect the external screen. I believe the software is disabling the function keys. If not all of them only some of them. Never had this problem before with other ver of Zoin or other linux distors. This is a first. I think it is a bug or something.

Tim Youngblood

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I have also never experienced this particular issue. Hooking up a monitor usually is detected, even if it misbehaves.

After installing Zorin OS, did you ensure all was up to date:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Much less the same exact problem in two utterly different machines with different graphics cards. I would honestly suspect the cable, before the software given the above.
While that cable may well work with Windows, that does not mean it will always work on Linux or Mac. Even Cables contain small chips in them that regulate electricity flow and direction or even signal booster chips if the cable is long enough to need one. If these chipped cables are programmed only for Windows then...

You might try out a different generic HDMI cable if you have access to one.

On your machine with the Nvidia card, you could try:

sudo apt remove --purge 'nvidia*'

sudo ubuntu-drivers install

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

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Thanks, Aravisian, I will give it a try. The graphic card in the hp gaming machine is a nVidia GTX 1050. The Toshiba is a Intel Graphic 5500. i will double check the cable and I do have access to different cables. The external monitor is an LCD HP 22-inch monitor. I will keep you posted.

Hey, First check your AC adapter. Then adjust your monitor brightness from settings. Then see on your laptop display closely to determine whether it seems dark but there is still a faint image on its screen. Test your laptop display to see if it is operating correctly at all or if it needs to be entirely replaced.

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