I want to know why filesystem has 0 free space

i'm using zorin lite the partion that zorin installed on it(filesystem) is 62giga, download ,music, videos, home,all==2.4giga,
the free space is always very good , now i don't know
the free space is 0 why, all area used by installed applications? i wish i can solve that? i tried stacer and autoremove, but still has the same problem

Gday @eid ,

Do you think this is a false reading?

Check manually to see if/where you may have a full file, this may indicate what has happened.

Check that your backup's are not directed to your hard drive. ( stranger things have happened)
Hope this may help.


launch Disk Usage Analyzer / Baobab, it will show u what folders and files are occuping ur disk space

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Also run

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

To clean your apt cache and remove any residual installation junk.

Clear out chunky logs files:

sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=100M


i used disk usage analyzer, i have deleted wine before and pubg before but i found in disk usage analyzer that .wine(1.8g) ,and found (.pubg 2g) , so i removed it and get free size, also i found .cache with that size, but i don't know i delete it or not? may be related to swape partition?

the .cache folder generally stores temporary files and data that applications use to improve performance and load times. deleting the contents of the .cache folder won't cause any major issues, but it may slow down the performance of certain applications temporarily until they rebuild their cache.

can u expand the contents inside the .cache folder to ensure u dont have any personal data there?
if u dont find any personal files, go manually to the .cache folder and delete the folders that occupy the most space (for example in my case, chrome has occupied 600MB of cache)

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thank u,i think now i know the problem:

i have zip rar file has group of videos, instead of extracting it, i play it by click on it in the rar to watch it, but as listed in picture above, i see it cached in .cache, that is the problem but i didn't thought that may be happen, i mean to run it , it cached. but i don't what i should i do, should i delete it cached, or there r automatic way or avoid way to that?

edit: i used anther app (peazip) instead of archive manager, it seem it solved the problem of caching video

from the current window, just right click on the file u want to delete, u will see a menu where it shows several options, click on move to trash then from the trash u can permanantly delete them.

also dont forget to mark the above reply as solution :))

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Thanks for that I managed to clear out

Vacuuming done, freed 1.8G of archived journals from /var/log/journal/df96771832e34914a88f8f1b734df90e.

How often should I run this command .... ?????

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As often as you want, really... maybe once a week if needed?
I almost never run it at all...


I have a small partition so have to keep it maintained and tidy, so I run it as well as apt cleanups once a month. I don't think you will need to do that frequency.

Maybe check size once in a while using:

journalctl --disk -usage

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