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Please don't be jealous. But I will be rocking some darn cool shirts this summer...
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The Z is a bit controversial considering the russians are painting Z on their tanks etc?

It is not controversial.

  • The Z painted on some Russian tanks looks nothing like the Zorin Logo.
  • By the above statement, it can then be assumed that a "Z" on anything is therefor, now controversial. And why stop at "Z"? The Inverted V was used as a makers mark on Craftsman Tools. It also is currently used on U.S.A. tanks. There is no relation between the two.
  • The internet is rife with conspiracy claims made about all sorts of logos. A person could glean a lot of entertainment out of reading Snopes.com - Yet Snapple was never controversial.

Please allow the thread to stay on topic.


Sorry you took this to heart it was meant as a light hearted comment!

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And let's not forget one thing.. Zorin is adored by many, works fantastically and is quite frankly, exceptional.. The other, was a waste of money and mostly on the side of the roads in flames..

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Sorry Mikeart - the last time this issue was raised, a member posted that they "spotted Putins image in the Zorin Wallpaper"...
He, too, may have been kidding... But such "kids" tend to fuel flames.
Because conspiracy claims have a funny property... They are intriguing. It makes you feel like you know a secret, know something the average bear does not know... Conspiracy claims are enticing and people want to believe them, even when they wax irrational.

The Zorins are Irish of Ukrainian descent. I am sure you can easily imagine what it would feel like for them to read such a drastic comparison.
Conspiracy claims are fraught on the web. And in reading and addressing them, they really must be examined with critical thinking.
Even if a person meant something in humor, they may also have been fanning the flames.

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Perhaps I should think twice before making daft comments, kind regards Mike.

...I have been struggling to learn this all of my life...

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Maturity in years does not always make us smart! :innocent:

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