Icon with three dots in the task bar?

New to Zorin and Gnome. After install I have an icon with three dots between to lines. Sort of looks like a hamburger. I can not right or left click on it. Anyone know what the app is?image

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I got a hamburger icon when I use a flatpak of Blue Recorder.
It's hard to say what app it is, but you might want to check if it's a flat/snap app.


I just uninstalled the pulsesecure app and now I see the hamburger icon is gone. That must have been it.


I do not have this app you are talking, but I also get this mysterious hamburger :hamburger: on the taskbar.

It usually happens when the system is awaken from sleep mode. I usually just logout and login to fix this.


Hmmm, so the burger is back. It was not the Pulse app. I did the morning updates and reboot and see it again.

For me, it appears when Bluetooth manager has crashed.
I never tried to fix it since login/out always solves it.

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