Icons not Loading/Glitching

Hi, I am new to the forum and just wanted to see if there is a fix to my issue.
My issue started when I did Ctrl+Alt+Delete and clicked Log Off. That's when the login screen started glitching and the icons would not load. Also, none of the apps open (except for Firefox and Opera) and others just load when I click on them. Is there a possible fix or do I have to re-install?


Login Screen:

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What happens if you reboot the machine?

Nothing. It reboots normally and when it starts up Zorin it still doesn't load anything.

I'd suggest checking Zorin Appearance icons settings to see what's set there but don't know about apps not opening. Maybe also try switching from Zorin Desktop to Zorin Desktop on Wayland (on gear button on low right corner on login screen).

Sorry, that still didn't work. It's the same on wayland. Thanks though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wonder if the system misunderstood your keys combo and activated or made something so critical and unexpected. Or maybe you found a new bug :smirk::point_right::beetle::mag::face_with_monocle:. @zabadabadoo, do you think it's possible?

So, I found out that by turning off the pc, and turning it back on and selecting recovery mode, I then selected dpkg repair broken packages in the recovery menu, and that seemed to fix the issue. Not really sure what caused it but Thanks for your help though!


Gday @link234 ,
Welcome to the forum,
Glad to see you fixed the issue.
Could you please Mark the post that solved the issue, as " Solution ".

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This lets others know this topic has a fix, that may help them.
Thank you.

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