Icons of some apps in system tray is completely white

System tray icons of Some apps like Stacer, Mailspring are completely white. Its present there but fully white making it 100 % unnoticeable without hovering it.

Actually I posted about this already and aravisian suggested to contact the dev of the app. It happens in mailspring too and the mailspring community pointed out that it is something that the electron framework through which the both app is built has to do with.
Any thing I do to fix this without having to use dark mode?

Paulatz provided the very same suggestion that I would have: Replace the icons.

I was not able to solve the problem, but in the process I have made my own Mailspring package where I replaced the default tray icon with a custom one that is black. I can share the .deb or .rpm file with you if you want.


Thanks, I would replace the icon for mailspring or would use the .deb provided by Paulatz but what about stacer? you mentioned it was wrapped in the bin file making it making inaccessible. So only option is to contact the dev?

I believe so, yes. It is one of the reasons that I personally avoid Stacer. I never use it. There are other good apps that are not so locked down.
Stacer is excellent in performance on many fronts.

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