If I buy Zorin OS 15 Ultimate now, will I get 16 Ultimate as an Update, or will I have to buy that version too?

Yeah that's basically my question.

Zorin OS is literally the cleanest Linux OS I've seen so far, so I'm planning to support that project by buying ultimate. It's just useless to buy it now, if I will have to buy 16 ultimate as well...


As I understand it from other threads, 15 will not auto upgrade to 16, so you will have to buy ZorinOS Ultimate when 16 is released. So hold on for a bit, use 15 Core for the time being, and wait until 16 is released. It looks like 16 will be released in a few weeks.

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Okay thank you mate. Yeah I'm currently using 16 core beta because 15 didn't work somehow. Might have to do with my Ryzen processor idk :sweat_smile:.

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Hi, I think you meant 16 Core, no?
Just checking.

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If you are now using 16 Core Beta (as I am) keep using that until 16 is released.

No. I meant 15, not 16, because the title ("If I buy Zorin OS 15 Ultimate now") suggested that ronron was using 15. As it turns out, ronron clarified that he is using 16 Beta, and I replied to that by suggesting that ronron keep using Beta until 16 is released. I am ESL, so sometimes my English can be less than clear. This is not one of those cases.

Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification.

and sometimes my English comprehension is less than clear (my English is self-taught) :wink:

Well I didn't exactly clarify my situation. So I'm to blame too :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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