If I install version 16 beta now will I be able to upgrade to the stable version directly from the system in the future or will I have to install it again?

I am thinking of using the Zorin OS 16 beta definitely on my desktop and would like this information.

From Introducing Zorin OS 16: Test the Beta Today - Zorin.

Warning: Please keep in mind that this pre-release is not recommended for installation on production machines as there may be stability issues.

If Z15 Core Beta to Z15 Core production version is anything to go on, then I would expect it possible to upgrade to the production version via the software update process. However, I have not seen a statement confirming that.
Please Note the Z16 Core Beta stability warning as reproduced by @jgordon in his post.
Although it seems from reading on here, the Z16 Core Beta is not presenting many problems.
Also note this is the "Core" flavour of ZorinOS, not Ultimate, Education or the ZorinOS Lite version.

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