I'm having trouble with my ethernet connection

I’m trying to “install” the wifi option in the latest version of ZorinOS, so I bought an usb cable adapter to an ethernet connection, but it doesn’t read it. In Windows it appears as a CD and works as an ethernet connection, but it seems that I can’t use it in Zorin.

What should I do? Buy another usb adapter? Try another Linux distribution?

Any help is welcome.

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Renato, welcome to the forum.

This is an often asked question for Debian and Ubuntu based distros. Part of the trouble is that a USB internet connection is modular; you can unplug it and plug it into a different port…
Not being static, the drivers do not claim it.
Please read through this thread and see if any of the information is helpful or applies to your system:

I have never used one of those devices, but perhaps others on here have.

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The preamble in this product for sale by think penguin might answer your query: