Im-launch and SSH-Key Agent in startup


In my additional startup programs I'm showing 2 items I'm unsure of and the good old internet is letting me down a bit with the possible explanations (especially in plain English!)

The first is im-launch. I think this is related to x-server type.

The second is SSH Key Agent. Would this be related to my using firefox (I.E. it offers options to store passwords E.G. Facebook) which is something I never do.

Any info about these and to their use (and if needed) would be gratefully received.

Thank in advance.



These items are both safe and you definitely want them enabled at startup.

This is Input Method Launch. This enables the execution and processes related to ibus as well as setting your Environment Variables for the session.

ibus handles language input. Environment is your Configurations, settings and working environment on the desktop. Your Session is the running current working session you are using each time you boot up your computer.

This is your Secure Shell agent.
This stores your keys and certificates and yes, can be related to your browser as well as other secure connections you make.

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Many thanks for the quick reply.

I recently had a few security issues when using Windows (thanks to virgin media) so have made a lock, stock and barrel change to Zorin. I love the system so far and pretty much everything I did on Windows I can do on Zorin... but the security issues I had before have made me a little paranoid about every little thing!




Someday I was going to ask right about these 2 startup services, I was right thinking if they were useful to me. I have 4 entries on Seahorse:
:point_right: blank name, password has weird characters, details are app_id: com.mojang.Minecraft
:point_right: Chrome Safe Storage Control, weird password, details are explanation: Because of quirks in the gnome libsecret API, Chrome needs to store a dummy entry to guarantee that this keyring was properly unlocked. More details at
:point_right: Chromium Safe Storage, weird password, details are application: discord
:point_right: Evolution Data Source - Google[], weird password, details are e-source_uid:OAuth2::Google[] eds-origin: evolution-data-server
Do you think I can delete those that point to a program that I don't have? I guess so.

Yes, if you no longer use that software, you do not need to keep its stored data.

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