I'm moving to Ubuntu


Some people may hate me for doing this, but tomorrow, I will be moving to Ubuntu. Part of this is because I don't necessarily want to deal with setting up the system again if there isn't an in place upgrade to Zorin 17. And also, I want to create diversity with OSes in my computer library, since there are many Linux distros. Currently I've got:

  • Mint on my Lenovo G575
  • Fedora on my Toshiba Satellite Pro R50
  • Manjaro KDE on my (or my Father's) HP Pavilion DM3-1101ea
  • Zorin on my Lenovo Ideapad S205 and my MacBook Pro Retina
  • and Zorin 15.3 32 bit on my Toshiba Satellite L30-10S

And I would dedicate Pop to my Lenovo G580 if it was still bootable.

I know about changing OSes - I know @Storm uses Fedora while @Michel uses Pop. So what I meant above was some people were going to hate me for moving to Ubuntu.

I'm not going anywhere - I will continue to use the Zorin Forum, and I'm also planning to install Zorin as a virtual machine in my new OS.

When I started to use Zorin (which was a couple of months before I joined the Zorin Forum), I was completely new to Linux, and I installed it as a dual boot on both my G575 and my Satellite Pro and used it in small chunks in my spare time. But overtime, I started to warm up to Zorin and installed it on all of my computers and used it as a daily driver.

Zorin will forever be in my heart and I'm glad I did install Zorin.


Is it just me, or does Ubuntu get an overwhelming amount of undeserved hate? I know in the past it has been caught doing shady, unethical things but those are long gone, and the goodness it brings well compensates for previous bad deeds.

Anyway, you should never have to give any explanations or excuses for what OS you want to run on your machines. Be that Ubuntu, Windows or MacOS. If you are happy with that, the hell with what everybody else says.


Out of curiosity, what flavour of Ubuntu (U*, K*, X*, L* etc) and why that one?

Normal Ubuntu

I dunno. I mean, they're all good, but I wanted to use the original. I'm more used to that flavour than the other flavours, even though I used Kubuntu a bit.

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It's good to try various distros. I think if we love a distro, we should not be obsessed with it.

No one is going to hate you but the big issue for me is snapd. Another forum member posted an interesting YouTube video about how Ubuntu is broken because of snapd implementation is broken and it is that which will put users off using it. My number one go to is Devuan. However, if running more than one screen, don't use Devuan 4 as it doesn't get picked up. I ended up downgrading via fresh install of Devuan 3.1.1. Devuan is what I used whilst working from home from December 2020 until I retired end August 2021. At start of lockdown I used FerenOS Plasma DE, the only app I couldn't use on Devuan was the free BrailleBlaster Braille Transcription program which meant I had to rely on a VM of Windows 8.1 Pro to run the Windows version.

Well @Turtle11 Zorin is based on Ubuntu. Zorin is just form with diffrent customization. Propably also based on some Debian.
Last time i updated mint and this is also need new installation.
So the conclusion always any distribution need a new installation? Propably i go with fedora xfce or Nobara. I am tired when new version the same distribution isn't compatibility earlier. Are there exist some versions Linux distributions updated without problem?

@Bourne Good Point! I had to downgrade from Devuan 4.0 to Devuan 3.1.1 as 4 did not pick up second monitor!

Yeah @swarfendor437 maybe i will tried Devuan isn't that distribution on slackware? I mean sysinit isn't a systemd. Devuan based on Debian Jessie. I have that version on CD plate. This is kontekst support distribution Jessie. Very good version for servers. I will looking more informatykom about Devuan. My pc isn't new then older versions Linux propably more compatibility.

Devuan is based on Debian (Buster 10.4). Devuan is basically all the Debian developers that left Debian because of the systemd debacle foisted on to other distros by Red Hat, in much the same way Pulse Audio was foisted onto other distributions that came later. Devuan 4.0 is nice but:
a. it doesn't pickup 2nd monitor
b. Issues with GDM which is a GDM issue, in that it doesn't recognise UK keyboard when using # in the password - needed to enter this via the US keyboard of Shift+ 3.

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Debian is very stable then Debian xfce could be good choices or Fedora spin xfce. Simple operating system without fireworks. I now not using any Linux distribution. I have on hard disk but not using. The problem is all my bought license software if i format hardisk i need contact with seller to recovery keys. Maybe because it is winter,cold and a weather changing randomly. Propably some signs depression.

The other issue with some licenced software is that if you change your email address you are also screwed. I had this issue with SoftMaker Office and Affinity products.

Just done a search and found this:

I'm not a big fan of xfce for a number of reasons, but it is deployed on my wife's PC in the form of MX-Linux 21.1 'wildflower'. I will always stick with KDE as whilst it might be heavy it is no where near as bloated as Gnome and accessing notifications of different elements on the Panel is so much easier.

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Zorin best Linux 2022

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