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Browsers in Zorrin Os 17 are opening image files if they show the images. This is making my work very difficult. Can someone help me?

Right click on an image and select "Open file with", then search for and choose the "Image Viewer". This should tell the all images of that file type to use that program from there on. Note that other file types like webp may still open with the browser still, you need to repeat the process based on the file extension.

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Go to setting/ default apps/ and choose your desire apps to open your images

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I changed the image manager and it improved. But when it comes to browsers choosing images to post, the same problem remains.

This has long been a bane in my side as well. A severe bane, to be honest because a later update often reasserts the browser as dominant. I only experienced this when using Firefox browser but others may have different experiences.

My solution was to remove the browser as an option in the mime list file.
Open ~/.config/mimeapps.list with your text editor and tap ctl+f to open the find search entry. Search for your browser name and in each mimelist for an Image File, remove that browser from the listed apps to default open it with (be sure to remove its comma is one is present separating it from other apps).


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