ImageMagick is hopeless on Zorin 16 Beta

Convert results in blank image. Reinstalling, installing the libraries, installing the dependencies, installing the delegates - all makes Zero Difference.
Many other functions give null results.
Moreover, looking into it, Much of Imagemagick on Ubuntu 20.04 appears to have been stripped down.


I deleted it off 15 Core way back as did not like to use it. I don't know if that was a good idea or not considering any OS dependancies if any. I dont think I suffered any adverse effects though.

On 12 and on 15, Imagemagick was a powerful CLI image editing tool. You don't really need it unless you are manipulating .svg and other files.

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It could spare some time recoloring .svg icons in 8 different colors, but I do like to do it manually.:stuck_out_tongue:

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